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About the Company: Trade12 Review

Trade12 forex broker is an international brokerage company, the trading brand of Exo Capital Markets Ltd, a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands with Registration Number 68798, processing services provided by Global Fin Services Ltd, 1 Straits Parade, Bristol, England, BS16 2LA. This reliable trading brokerage company, run by a group of exceptional individuals with years of experience in the field, is rigorously in compliance with the meticulous standards of financial stability, as well as proper management and security of funds.

Trading Instruments

Trade12 offers various trading instruments involving Forex, CFDs and Metals

Deposits and Withdrawals

Trade12 forex broker clients can fund their trading accounts and withdraw their profits using a wide variety of secure methods such as:  

  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Moneta.RU
  • Ali Pay
  • PaySafe Card
  • Yandex Money
  • China Union Pay
  • CashU
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill/MoneyBookers

The website can be accessed in a vast number of languages such as

  • English
  • Italian
  • Russian  
  • Arabic  
  • Spanish  
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian

Receive Trading Education through Trade12 Forex Tutorials.


It is a dilemma that afflicts those who are new to the field of trading. Where do you find the proper educational material to start your journey? Who can provide that to you? Is there a set curriculum you need to follow to start?

The curriculum part should be emphasized the most. Trading is not a field where you can get a college course before starting. At most, the information you learn from classes may end up being theoretical.

Practical application in the field of trading, is like practical application in a sport. You need to practice before getting perfect. Without practice, you are guaranteed a whole host of problems, specifically in the psychological aspects of the game.

What Do You Mean By a Sport? A Few Clicks Is All There is to trading…

That is true. There’s not much to do other than analyze, place a few orders, and some watching exercises. But in bringing up the sports analogy, we were not talking about effort. We were talking about the mentality.

You may have a 15 year old kid who is excellent at baseball, but if you let him play in the pro leagues, he’ll fail miserably.

It basically comes down to psychological preparedness. The same principle applies to trading. If all you’ve been doing was studying theoretical material, you’re going to suffer trying to succeed in the real markets. You simply won’t be used enough to the action. You will be ridden by anxiety.

Add to that of course that money is on the line. Therefore, the consequences are steeper.


A Proper Trading Education Should be Practical.

Practical trading education is hard to come across. The reason is because practicality equates to simplicity.

Human consciousness can only retain and apply so much information at a time. When it comes to trading, which is action-paced and a little riddled with anxiety, simplicity is vital.

When learning new information to apply, courses should not be complicated. Terms, principles, and facts, should be dissected for use by the layman. Without simplicity, it is hard for the new trader to apply the information fruitfully.

Fortunately, we know the best location to find the trading education you need!

Trade12 News for a Starter’s Education!

Trade12 is one of the oldest online platforms for trading forex, metals, and futures markets. Trade12 forex education is readily available for those who are still starting out.

The quality of the education material is easily verifiable through the many positive Trade12 reviews found online! After all, it is difficult for a platform to survive for over 10 years, without maintaining high quality and credibility!

Not only will you get an excellent education through Trade12 News platforms, but you will also be able to find trusted brokers you need to start out! As a beginner, you may be struggling with selecting a broker who won’t scam you out of your money. Through Trade12, this issue is mitigated entirely!

So why not check out the website now? We recommend it as the go-to website to start your journey!



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