About Us

WIBESTBROKER Forex Broker Forex Review is a review website that aims to deliver unbiased ratings of most of the top rated brokers.Our goal is to provide a detailed review of each of every brokerage companies so that traders will get an idea on what these companies have to offer, which will guide them on choosing the right kind of broker for them.

Additionally, we are also accepting reviews and feedbacks from the real traders who have tested and traded with these companies so that they can share their experiences with these types of brokers. We carefully review each submission to ensure the authenticity of these reviews. Traders can now analyze and compare these companies to find out which broker will suit best for their needs.

WIBESTBROKER Forex Broker Forex Reviews started as a group of traders who are unfortunate enough to encounter fake and scam brokerage websites.We know for a fact that being scammed is not fun, especially if your main goal is to make profit. That is why we are here to provide in-depth reviews of these companies to prevent newbie and uninformed traders from being a victim of these fraudulent brokers.


WIBESTBROKER provides unparalleled broker review services to ensure that the trading industry is composed of competent and dedicated professional brokers. In our aim to guarantee the best possible experience to traders around the world, we see to it that we commit ourselves in leading them to the right choice, the right broker for all their needs.

Carefully regulating reviews, ratings, and feedbacks from actual traders, WIBESTBROKER strives to safeguard a sustainable trading environment maintained by satisfied traders.


WIBESTBROKER seeks to establish an international trading community free from scams, frauds, and other illegal practices that have been threatening the industry for years. We want to eliminate, if not completely eradicate, the malpractices and unprofessionalism that traders are being exposed to.

To ensure a safe and secure trading experience, we at WIBESTBROKER assures authentic and reliable review services in order to address the problems and dilemmas encountered in the industry because of selfish, unconventional methods.