Saturday, May 25, 2019
Jeremy Allaire, who is the co-founder of crypto finance company Circle, said in an interview on Friday that bitcoin will be worth “a great deal more” than it is at present. Read more!
The prices of major cryptocurrencies increased on Monday morning in Asia, as a Winklevoss-backed crypto exchange in New York is set to start trading Bitcoin Cash. Read more here!
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices were higher on Wednesday in spite of the reports that Japan is getting ready to demand cryptocurrency exchanges to provide information on their clients who have been suspected of tax evasion. Read more here!
Bitcoin and other major digital currencies all slumped on Monday in Asia, with pressures coming from reports that G20 leaders had called for taxes on cryptocurrencies during a summit over the weekend held in Argentina. Read more!
Bitcoin and other bigger digital currencies’ prices all traded higher on Thursday in Asia on news that the NASDAQ is set to introduce bitcoin futures in the first quarter of next year. Read more here!
Bitcoin rallied 7 percent on Monday in Asia after slipping below $3,500 on Sunday. Other major currencies also rallied. Read more here!
Bitcoin is “anything but useful” store of value, according to former US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen in her speech on Monday, Canadian financial news outlet reported. Yellen spoke during interview at the 2018 Canada Fin Tech Forum in Montreal....
A new survey by blockchain-focused research firm Clovr revealed that 60 percent of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins, should be considered as fiat currency during political elections. Throughout the course of the research, Clovr polled 1,023 eligible voters...


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