Broker NameTrade360
Broker TypeForex
CountryUnited Kingdom
Operating Since2013
AddressSuite 1 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh,United Kingdom, EH2 1JE
Broker StatusNot Regulated
CS Phone357 25 030 622
Trading PlatformsMetatrader4
Trading Platform TimezoneGMT
Demo AccountNo
Mobile TradingYes
Web based tradingYes
Other Trading InstrumentN/A
Minimum Deposit500
Maximal Leverage1 is to 400
Spread VariableN/A
Scalping AllowedNo
Trade360 Broker Reviews
Trade360 is a proud and confident broker that showcases what it can do for traders. It’s still a relatively new broker, having only started in 2013, but it’s already making waves in the market. Most traders search for tenured brokers, but this one doesn’t need decades of history to prove its efficiency.

This broker offers an advanced new way to trade. The so-called CrowdTrading is new online trading method that centers on the idea that a group of people can come up with better ideas than those that come from only one person.

CrowdTrading is something only Trade360 offers. That makes this broker very unique and in-demand for traders who want to try such method. And if you’re going to ask us if it’s worth a try, we’d say yes. And that’s what the next part is about.

Trade360 Notable Feature/s: CrowdTrading

We can appreciate Trade360’s CrowdTrading feature better if we know how it works. So here’s a simple explanation: Trade360 has taken the idea of group thinking. At the core of their platform, there’s a unique live feed.

There are different boxes with different Crowd Events where you can explore before you open a trade. There’s a Live Feed that shows you the latest trends, which are your money-making opportunities. You go with the flow of the crowd, or you can go against the tide. It’s totally up to you.

Also, when you’re in for a buying spree, you can use Crowd Data to predict the upward momentum’s duration.

The Live Feed is always up to date and you’ll get the full view of overall activity in the market. There are also different Crowd Events you can watch. This means you can always be on pulse with the market.

This comes greatly with Trade360’s superb trading execution and flexible features. You can trades with more information backing up your position. It’s less risky and more technically feasible.

What do we think?

Trade360 lets you trade with other traders instead of against other traders. In a competitive market, it’s not all bad to check how other traders are doing. After all, it’s the trading population that really moves the market.

The benefits of being with Trade360 don’t end in there. You can enjoy fast executions, superb trading platform, and advanced technology.
We think the virtue of being in the loop all the time is what attracts traders to this broker. It’s a very good way for newbies to learn the ropes, while traders with more experience find CrowdTrading a very useful method to know what’s really happening in the market.

Needless to say, a chance to trade with this broker is a good chance to make good money in trading. Trade360 has all the necessary tools for smooth trading, with more perks and functions.
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