Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Digital coins: Walmart 24 hour supercenter.

Walmart Shapes Its Own Digital Coins

Earlier, a patent for a system and method particularly for digital coins via Blockchain has been filed by the Walmart company.On developing its own...
Digital Coins: Walmart logo in white color with sun on the side and blue background.

Walmart Plans to Develop Digital Coins

 The Walmart retail, a major US corporation, is arranging processes for a cryptocurrency and already on the starting point. On August 1, the company...
Wibest – Crypto news: Physical version of Cryptocurrencies and Iran Flag.

Crypto News: Iran Legalizes Cryptocurrency Mining with Caution

In crypto news, Iran's government officially recognized cryptocurrency mining as an industry after months of discussion and speculation.Meanwhile, miners manage powerful "farms" of computer equipment...
paying crypto via wallet

Crypto paying via wallet: Chainlock

Crypto wallets are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. Being able to pay via wallet is one of the main aspects...
Wibest – Facebook Libra: FB Libra Header Image Alt-Tag: Wibest – Facebook Libra: Facebook Logo with Libra on Mobilephone Screen.

Renewal of Facebook Libra Plans

 On Wednesday, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg confirmed his commitment to the social network’s search. It is with the launching of Facebook Libra cryptocurrency...
Wibest – Bitcoin Price: Bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin logo.

Bitcoin Price Upsurges After Mnuchin Expressed Negativity

In Asia, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin voiced new pessimism about Bitcoin’s futures. On Thursday, Bitcoin also increased above the critical $10,000 level.The bitcoin...
Wibest – Facebook Libra: Photo of the Facebook logo on the smartphone screen and the brochure with Libra logo.

Swiss Watchdog Awaits Response by Facebook Libra | Wibest

 On Tuesday, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner said Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project did not respond to the request of information by...
Cryptocurrency News – A map with a thumbtack pointing out Bitcoin is in India.

Cryptocurrency News: The Indian Government Bans Bitcoin

India seems to be all set into banning private cryptocurrencies.In cryptocurrency news, all private cryptocurrencies not including the ones issued by the state, be...
Wibest – Digital coins: Cryptocurrency exchange rate panel.

Digital Coins Shake the Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin supported the majors through the week as $11,000 proved to be a step too far.Drawing back the gains from Saturday, Bitcoin closed at...
Wibest – Digital coins: Libra Facebook cryptocurrency and bitcoin cryptocurrency.

US Lawmakers Dare Facebook Over Digital Coins

On Wednesday, senators convicted and criticized the proposed project of Facebook.Facebook showed it is not to be trusted by investors, as US lawmakers agree...


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